OLD Lowpoly Practice!
Occultart   robottest 003b
Occultart   screenshot 052 2015 01 10
Occultart   skymaster wip shot 011
Occultart   skymaster wip shot 0012
Occultart   dsc 0008
Occultart   skymaster 0032
Occultart   oldstuff 001
Occultart   axe ext 02
Occultart   crossbow
Occultart   suitcases test
Occultart   sneekertest 003
OLD Lowpoly Practice!

VERY OLD STUFF! These have baking errors and are just not finished on any level at all, but I still like the ideas somewhat. I always wanted to re-create the airplane. But I will focus on characters so probably no Skymaster II anytime soon.

More artwork
Occultart   occultart sage copper gold wip 004Occultart   occultart chameleon 01 cam 20 2k 001 edited colorOccultart   screenshot 2018 06 12 081 cropped