Next Gen Giant Marksman 1/2 (Collab with Bona)
Next Gen Giant Marksman 1/2 (Collab with Bona)

This project is a collaboration with Gabriel Bona. I did the Art Direction for this project and we both worked on Modeling and Texturing. This is a Realtime ‘lowpoly’ cinematic model of around 500K fully optimized in both polygons and UV space usage, aiming for Next Generation Graphics. Link to Bona's Artstation:
Post with Part 2/2:
Post with Props:
Post with Videos:
OccultArt (Stefan Berentzen):
Art Direction and Original project Idea
Sculpting: Head, Body, Skin, Hair design
Modeling: Outfit/Clothes and Props (Highpoly)
Texturing: Outfit/Clothes and Props textures.
Lighting: Scene lighting
Bona Design (Gabriel Bona):
Modeling: Outfit/Clothes (Highpoly)
Lowpoly: Retopo + UV's
Lowpoly: Baking
Texturing: Skin, Lantern, Hair, (And General)
(Complete description at the bottom)

More artwork
Occultart   occultart sage copper gold wip 004Occultart   occultart occultart chameleon 01 cam 20 2k 001 edited color contrast copyOccultart   screenshot 2018 06 12 081 cropped